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Meat Distributors

When it comes to shipping meat through meat distributors, having a trustworthy, efficient method of temperature control is vital.

From the instance, the product leaves your premises, all the way through to delivery at your client’s home, warehouse, or else retail store, the temperature of your meat consignment must be kept within a particular temperature range to avert products from spoiling.

Why Temperature Control Is Important?

Perishable meat as well as poultry must be reserved colder than 40° F at all times in order to avert the hasty growth of bacteria. Maintaining a cold temperature restricts the expansion of microorganisms that can cause illnesses when ingested. Keeping meat frozen limits the expansion of bacteria as well as microbes, making it an appropriate alternative for the storage of such products.

Utilize an Effective Insulation System

When it comes to keeping your shipments cold, it is significant to package your products using the correct meat packaging supplies. We suggest using insulated box liners, which offer several benefits over other forms of temperature-control packagings, such as molded coolers.