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The Best Shipment Service For Combine Manufacturers

  • The Best Shipment Service For Combine Manufacturers

Combine manufacturers shipping service

Shipping new as well as used agricultural and farming equipment abroad needs proficiency in handling gigantic equipment by land, sea, and air as well as an understanding of the fastidious needs of the business. We offer intermodal service for transporting combine manufacturers. We are experienced in shipping combines of up to 100,000 lbs. but not limited to. Large machinery is not a dilemma in getting equipment transported. We are a complete service logistics solutions business. With each load we move, comes our guarantee of contentment. Bell Zone Freight Logistics enormous network of partner carriers provides FL.

For very bulky equipment that will not fit in containers, on flat racks, or else through RO/RO vessel access doors, we provide lift-on/lift-off (LO/LO) consignment on breakbulk vessels. The machine is lifted on as well as off by cranes.

We also provide shipment by air for vital parts and even completely assembled equipment to inland points that are not effortlessly accessible by ship as well as by trailer.